The State of the D

6.6%. Second time in a row.

It did not make sense, and yet it made so much sense.

Running and exercising more than I ever thought I could, and yet eating more refined carbohydrates than I ever had in eight years of type 2 diabetes.

After that result in September, I ignored blood glucose testing completely and kept eating without paying attention to what I was eating.

The exercise stopped suddenly as a nagging knee injury flared and then a nasty cold followed a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family in Wisconsin.

A couple of significant disappointments at work created heightened anxiety and all of a sudden old symptoms masked as hypochondria appeared. Dry mouth (could just be winter?), frequent urination (too much coffee?), blurry vision (did I need to change my contacts?).

I decided to test. Just once a day for a week, I told myself.

Just a few readings made me realize that all three could be attributed to blood glucose averages higher than I had ever seen in nine years of type 2 diabetes. With lab work only two months away, there was no more room for sitting around feeling sorry for myself after a disappointing year.

Exercise scheduling in the e-mail calendar at work. Carbohydrate counting. Keeping alcohol consumption to minimum. Testing blood glucose regularly. Sleeping more, spending less time at the computer with mindless activities, reading more.

And, well, back to blogging. (I missed it and its impact on motivation to stay healthy.)

4 thoughts on “The State of the D

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